I'm Beth, a driven and passionate visual communicator currently living in London.
While I have worked as a professional within the world of Design & Photography for 2 years, my career started in Sales and B2B Marketing in 2013. I took the plunge to return to education in 2016 where I studied BA Hons in Graphic Design at the University of the West of England, Bristol. This gave me the tools & knowledge for all-round production deliverables in marketing and visual communication. Since then, I have worked across Europe and the UK in the likes of Spain, Portugal, London and Bristol. 
My passion for Visual Communication has grown into communicating powerful messages through the means of Graphic Design - and this has become the core of what I do. My life experience, combined with working with teams that strive for equality & community, has equipped me with the ambition and drive to create every single day, with the aim of helping the planet the people and the communities that live within it.
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